INSTALLATION 4 – Translations, Findhorn, 2014.


Four paintings from Translations on display at the Moray Art Centre, Findhorn.

From left to right:

Ready for Sail II – by painter Allan J. Robertson., the two central paintings are untitled and on the far right Gunpowder Works.


View of the main gallery space with mixed works by myself and Allan. J. Robertson.

From left to right:

A Little Bit of Light by Allan J. Robertson, Arsenic Mine IFrom Girders by Allan Robertson, Allan J. Robertson, Ready for Sail II by Allan Robertson, two untitled pieces from myself.


A closer view showing the paintings listed above.


The outer room of the gallery with three works: Arsenic Mine IIPainting 62 and Red and Blue by Allan Robertson.


The entrance to the gallery showing another two of the untitled works. These were painted as a set with the two shown in the main gallery. The Mies Triptych was hung on the opposite wall.


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